AMD Radeon 800M iGPU Surfaces as a Strong Competitor to RTX 2050

AMD Radeon 800M iGPU Surfaces as a Strong Competitor to RTX 2050

According to insider information from Golden Pig Upgrade on Bilibili, the initial benchmarks for the Radeon 800M “RDNA 3.5” iGPUs have shown remarkable performance. These next-gen GPUs, tested on MSI’s Ryzen AI 300-powered laptops at Computex 2024, display significant improvements over their RDNA 3 “Radeon 700M” predecessors.

AMD Radeon 800M iGPU Challenges RTX 2050 in Initial Benchmarks

Despite being engineering samples, the showcased MSI laptops were equipped with the flagship Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 CPU, which features 12 cores based on the Zen 5 architecture, 24 threads, and the high-end Radeon 890M iGPU with 16 compute units (CUs).

In 3DMark Time Spy Graphics tests, the Radeon 890M, with its 16 CUs clocked around 2900 MHz, scored over 3600 points. This performance is nearly on par with NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 2050 (Laptop) GPU. Additionally, the Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 CPU excelled in Cinebench R23, surpassing 2000 points in single-core performance and exceeding 20,000 points in multi-threaded tests, representing more than a 20% improvement in overall CPU performance compared to the previous generation.

Final Performance Expectations

Since these benchmarks are based on early engineering samples and lack finalized TDP (Thermal Design Power) details, the final retail versions are anticipated to offer even higher performance. With optimized drivers and further refinements, the Radeon 800M series could exceed initial expectations, making them a formidable option for integrated graphics in laptops.

Stay tuned for more updates as AMD prepares to launch these powerful iGPUs, poised to set new benchmarks in integrated graphics performance.