Best Pricing Option for Web Hosting: Spheron Network vs Fleek vs 4Everland

Best Pricing Option for Web Hosting: Spheron Network vs Fleek vs 4Everland

Finding the Ideal Cost-Effective Solution for Web Hosting


In today's digital landscape, decentralized platforms have gained immense popularity due to their enhanced security, transparency, and cost efficiency. Spheron Network, Fleek, and 4everland have emerged as key players offering innovative solutions and have captured users' attention. As businesses and individuals seek cost-effective and reliable platforms to host their applications and websites, it becomes crucial to analyze and compare these three platforms' pricing models and offerings.

In this blog, we'll delve into the pricing structures of Spheron Network, Fleek, and 4Everland, and highlight how Spheron sets itself apart in the competitive landscape.

Spheron Network Overview

Spheron Network is a next-generation PaaS that offers low-cost and seamless access to Web3 infrastructure across multiple chains. It is explicitly designed to serve a broader audience, including startups, developers, and organizations looking to scale their infrastructure.

Spheron harnesses the power of blockchain technology to provide secure and scalable solutions, simplifying the hosting and deployment of dApps while reducing the learning curve. By combining IPFS storage, Filecoin, and Arweave, Spheron ensures a seamless yet affordable experience. In addition to web hosting, compute, and storage capabilities, Spheron offers many features to enhance productivity and enable stakeholders to reach new heights while prioritizing privacy, security, and reliability.

4Everland Overview

4Everland is a Web 3.0 cloud computing platform that provides storage, computing, and network core capabilities. It aims to become the infrastructure for millions of developers and applications that accommodates a transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. Excitingly,

Fleek Overview

Fleek is a platform for building and hosting dApps. They are building an Open Web services interface and protocol layer to make the new internet's base layer of web services of the new internet (storage, hosting, billing, etc.) accessible to anyone. Fleek exposes an open infrastructure, abstracting and simplifying protocols, open-sourcing tools, and opening up the ecosystem, making it as easy to build on as the current web.

Pricing Comparison: Spheron Network vs. Fleek vs. 4Everland


Spheron Network




Freemium For Everyone



Starting price

$20/ Month (Pro User)

$40/ Month (Pro User)

Starts $13 / Month 


100GB (Free)

50GB (Free)

10 GB (Free)

Build Execution

200 Min (Free)

250 Min (Free)

100 Min (Free)

Concurrent Build

1 (Free)

1 (Free)

No Information

Image Optimization

2000 Images (Free)



IPFS Storage

5 GB (Free)

3 GB (Free)

1 GB+5GB (For 12 Month Only)

Arweave Storage

Not Free

Not Supported

20MB Free

Filecoin Support


Dedicated Gateways

Available Free


Need Min $100 to Enable This Feature


1 ( Free Tier)

1 ( Free Tier)

3 ( Free Tier)


Supports multiple DSNs

Supports IPFS

Supports IPFS


Chat, Notification, and Community Support Starts from Free Tier

No Chat Support,
No Notification Support, Community Support / Free
Email Support / Paid User

Only Community Support Available

Onboarding Call

15 Min (Free)

Only For Paid Users

Only For Paid Users

Spheron Network Vs. Fleek

Spheron Network is considered a superior choice compared to Fleek for building, hosting, and powering web apps and infrastructure on the decentralized web. One of the key advantages of Spheron Network is its cost-effective pricing plans, which provide businesses with more bandwidth, storage, build execution time, better IPFS storage, Filecoin, and Arweave support. This makes Spheron a more attractive option as it offers better value for money.

On the other hand, Fleek falls short in comparison to Spheron Network. It lacks the same level of support as Spheron, and its pricing plans are higher while offering fewer features. Fleek also lacks transparency when it comes to pricing and the features included in their different plans. Users considering upgrading plans may find it challenging to determine exactly what features they will receive. Plan information is only available on Fleek's billing page, making it challenging for users to make informed decisions about their subscription options.

Furthermore, Fleek is currently undergoing a platform change from to This transition may result in increased prices on the new platform and could potentially cause issues for users during the migration process. Users may experience disruptions in their web-based experiences, including downtime, data lock-in, performance issues, migrating difficulties, and increased bandwidth transfer costs.

Spheron Network Vs. 4everland

Spheron offers premium pricing options that cater to developers and users, providing a range of plans, including free, pro, and custom enterprise plans. Spheron stands out for its competitive pricing, which is considered the best in the industry. The pro package includes generous features such as 1TB of bandwidth, 6000 build execution minutes, 1GB of Arweave storage, and 10GB of IPFS storage. Along with these resources, users also benefit from additional features like the Edge Network, Secureon Support, DDoS Mitigation, password-protected site (PPS), and excellent support options such as chat, notifications, and community assistance.

On the other hand, 4everland is known for its higher subscription costs compared to other platforms. Users start with a free limited resource plan and have the option to upgrade to more expensive subscriptions. These include options such as 1TB of bandwidth for $87.0399, 750 minutes of build time for $14.9999, 3GB of Arweave storage for $15, and 100GB of IPFS storage for $13.189 which come with expiration durations and only community support is available.


In today's digital landscape, decentralized platforms have become essential for businesses and individuals seeking cost-effective, secure, and reliable solutions. In this blog, we compared the pricing structures and offerings of Spheron Network, Fleek, and 4everland to show how Spheron sets itself apart as the superior choice.

Spheron Network emerges as the clear winner for hosting, storing, and powering websites, applications, and infrastructure on the Web3. Due to its focus on simplifying hosting and deployment for dApps while offering a range of cost-effective pricing plans best in the industry that caters to businesses and individuals to get better value for their money and can scale their applications and websites efficiently.

Spheron Network's innovative solutions are designed to empower developers to embrace Web3 technologies seamlessly. Join us today and be a part of the decentralized future!