Deploy a Celestia Light Node on Spheron in Minutes

Deploy a Celestia Light Node on Spheron in Minutes

This article delves into the seamless deployment process for a Celestia Light Node using Spheron, a user-friendly platform simplifying node configuration and participation in the Celestia ecosystem.

What is Spheron Network?

Spheron Network is a web3 infrastructure platform that provides tools and services to decentralize cloud storage and computing, allowing audited data centers to join the Spheron marketplace. The decentralized and governed nature of the infrastructure, overseen by Spheron, ensures permissionless access and heightened security for all users. Spheron Compute offers a feature-rich alternative to traditional cloud services at only one-third of the cost.

Spheron offers a Compute Marketplace, which allows users to set up useful tools quickly and easily, whether they want to deploy databases, nodes, tools, or AI. With Spheron, you don't have to worry about the technical stuff, and you can focus on deploying your Node with ease. Spheron Network has also partnered with organizations like Shardeum, Avail, Elixir, Filecoin, Arbitrum, etc, to redefine access to it and promote a more decentralized, inclusive, and community-centric ecosystem.

Spheron provides features such as Private images, Auto-scale instances, Scale on demand, Real-time instance metrics, Faster GPUs, Free Bandwidths, Terraform Providers and SDKs, Instance health checks, activity, shell access, and more. Spheron provides add-on storage solutions for long-term data storage and edge bandwidth acceleration through its global CDN.With Spheron,you can easily set up your nodes in just a few minutes and enjoy low maintenance and operations costs and a great developer experience.

How do you deploy Celestia Light Node using Spheron Compute?

Deploying a Celestia Light Node on Spheron is a simple, streamlined process that does not require any DevOps knowledge!

Step-by-step Guide:

1. If you don’t already have a Spheron account then sign up here!

2. After logging into Spheron, navigate to the Compute Dashboard and click “New Cluster”.

Select the following:

1. Select the “Compute” option

2. Compute Type: “ On Demand”

3. Select the “Start from the marketplace app” option

4. In the search box, type in "Celestia" and Select “Celestia Light Node”

Spheron marketplace has a pre-configured Docker image for the Celestia Light Node ready for you!

5. Select your preferred region for deployment. Choosing a region closer to your users can improve performance and reduce latency.

Note: Spheron will pre-populate the recommended instance plan, Glacies Nano, and SSD storage, 60GB.

This instance and storage plan were specially selected to meet the Celestia Light Node hardware requirements.

6. The marketplace app will also automatically configure networking, ports, parameters, and commands for you. Spheron abstracts away the difficulty of configuring a node. You just need to click "Deploy".

Verifying the Node is Running

Give the node 5-10 minutes to start-up and then refresh the instance dashboard page.

In the “Instance Logs” section:

  • Click the “LOAD OLDER LOGS” button to scroll up in the logs

  • Verify you see the log message: “Started celestia DA node”

Looking up your Wallet Key and Funding your Wallet with Testnet Tokens

Scroll up to the top of the logs using the “LOAD OLDER LOGS” button, and you will be able to see your newly generated key details:

  • Celestia Public Key

  • Your secret Mnemonic phrase

Check out the Celestia Docs for more info on getting Testnet tokens from the Arabica and Mocha testnets.

You will need to fund that address with testnet tokens to pay for “PayForBlob” transactions.


Deploying a Celestia Light Node on Spheron is a simple, streamlined process that can be completed in a few minutes.