V3.0.3-Beta Changelog Notes

Apr 6, 2022

This is the changelog notes for the V3.0.3-beta release. Check out the following updates made in this release.

XSS Vulnerability Fix

One of our beta testers has identified XSS vulnerability on avatar change for the organization and user profile. We have fixed this by restricting the image uploads to only png, jpg & jpeg. Also in our API, we are using to upload these avatar images on IPFS and store it in our database. This reduces the chance of storing malicious code directly in our database.

Stop deployment Feature

You may have created a development that you don't need anymore, Previously, it was necessary to wait for such deployments to complete. Today we have implemented a stop deployment feature.

Users can

  • Cancel deployments if they are no longer needed
  • Stop their deployments in any state (Queue, Progress)
  • Note

  • If the deployment is in a Queue state, the deployment will be canceled immediately.
  • If the deployment is in the Progress state, the deployment will first go in the Killing state, and then when the deployment task is killed, the status will change to Cancelled.
  • We will store all the logs and build time if the deployment is canceled.
  • Arweave Upload Boost

    We have identified that uploading files on arweave sometime gives 404 due to the arweave network rejecting the file uploads.

    To Fix this:

  • We implemented an automatic reward boosting mechanism that will boost the transaction reward by 1.5x.
  • Whenever the pending transaction is more than the maximum amount of transactions Arweave can handle in a block, the boost will get applied automatically and shown in the logs.
  • Override Install Command and Build Command

    In this release, we have added an option for users to override the install command and build command. We have also removed the dependency on the package manager to make it easy for the developer to update their custom commands.

    Fixes đź› 

    From your feedback, we've shipped some bug fixes to improve your product experience.

    Here are some of the recent ones

  • Fixes the project meta card to point deployment’s environment with the correct branch that the latest deployment is done.
  • Fixes the content in choose repository section to Connect your favorite provider to choose the repository you want to deploy
  • Deployment logs:The logs shown when there are 2 parallel deployments at the same time have been fixed
  • Billing screen broken link:You can now easily visit the link to our pricing page from the billing screen
  • Notification:The notification popup when there is no notification has been fixed
  • Fix the bug when loading all the private repositories in a GitLab organization.
  • GitLab Organization:The bug when loading private repositories has been fixed
  • GitHub Organization:All deployment issues for private repositories have been fixed
  • Added error handling when starting a deployment for a project requested from the UI.
  • Dashboard:A refresh button has been added to the projects and deployments dashboard
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