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Jun 3, 2022

May wasn’t a month of maybe at Spheron. It was all certain and absolute.

There has been an increase in all metrics, from users onboarded to projects implemented and community participation. It was one of the most happening months with many beneficial outcomes, including important partnerships, Twitter Spaces with Web3 legends, and valuable meetups across Pan India.
So dig in to stay up to date on all fantabulous things at Spheron and with each day we are getting closer to our goal — To be a one-stop solution for all the developers for complete decentralization.

Growth is the constant stimulant at Spheron and Spheronians know to make hay in MAY!

You all are aware that Web2 has its own challenges and decentralization of the internet is the need of the hour. It is evident that moving to Web 3.0 is certain. To help and assist people to attain a seamless shift to Web3 space, We aim to make this move quickly to get a competitive advantage while leveraging the benefits of our Spheron protocol.

In an effort to make the Web3 Tech stack easily accessible, Spheron built Layer 1 for the Web3 Infrastructure. Developing outside of the Web2 realm is easier with this Protocol. Spheron protocol is working towards bringing a decentralized world closer to the million users. Safer, less expensive, more secure, more powerful.

Leading the way

Spheron currently has 33.5k supporters on Twitter and has 2485 users of Discord Fam. We started the year with a definite goal of increasing our user base and socializing with our community. The first five months of the year have been spectacular, with huge increases in both our user base and the size of our community. The participation on all of our social media accounts has been phenomenal, and we hope to maintain it that way in the coming months with various initiatives, especially for our Discord family’s devs.

A satisfied user is the best strategy of all.

This statement matches Spheron’s. Apart from our dedicated workforce, we have been surrounded by a supportive community that has supported us throughout our journey. We’ve just been in this new year for five months, yet we’ve already increased our user base by more than 27% in the first five months of 2022. And, believe it or not, the number of projects onboarded thus far this year has increased by more than 101 %. Furthermore, we are more confident than ever as we have launched the Aqua Version of Spheron protocol and the relationship we have made with the developer community, with healthy growth of over 53% in the number of deployments in 2022.

Spheron’s Aqua version

Spheron has released a new version of the app named AQUA in order to improve user experience. Our objective is to bring the next million developers on board with Web3 by providing best-in-class development tools.

Important Announcement: $ARGO to $WSPHN NFT

As an update to all $ARGO holders, the platform has officially stopped supporting the token. This decision was influenced by a number of reasons, and we have listed those reasons here for community reference. For more information check out theLink

Our brand new product, Spheron Protocol, has just been launched. Spheron aims to bring the next million developers to the Web3 infrastructure with innovative solutions and tokens.
We have eliminated all the flaws of $ARGO, and we have verified that the token design supports and sustains the various use cases. We must ensure that $ARGO holders are shifted to the new future token. Our team has been working on a way to make the transition seamless.

As we work towards building and onboarding the developers to our platform, we will continue to run various campaigns and programs to ensure all members are getting incentivized. $WSPHN NFTs will have a certain amount of tokens wrapped in an NFT, and members can redeem them by burning them. We’ll soon release a contract that will allow all $ARGO token holders to mint these NFTs before we release them to the Spheron community.

Hear us chitter-chattering with the legends in web3 space

Thanks to twitter’s spaces for enabling impact that only a human voice can provide.Spheron is proud to host the legends in the web3 space with its #web3uncensored. We had a Spaces with the Arcana network discussing how the decentralized storage and hosting platform is revolutionizing Web3.


This twitter space will help people who were curious about Web3 but don’t know where to begin. Listen to the Twitter Spaces that will be discussing everything from head to toe about Web3. Spheron hosted two amazing people who shared about Getting into web3: What you should know?


Partnering up to add value

Spheron X Biconomy partnership: Spheron and Biconomy are partnering to make decentralization of web apps easy and gas-efficient transactions mainstream to ease developers.

Our Co-Founder & CEO was invited to speak at the HandyCon Event by Handshake. It was an excellent opportunity to learn how HNS is changing the internet's domain naming system landscape & grow your knowledge around the Web3 space.

Our Co-Founder & CTO joined ETHIndia’s ETHernals hackathon to guide & support Web3 builders inside the Metaverse. We had sponsored the event, which had 8000+ registrations, $50000+ in bounties & exclusive schwags for participants.

Are you counting seconds or making seconds count? We at Spheron are focused on making every second count. Spheron has completed 164554 seconds of total deployment time since inception. Spheron is making a significant difference in the decentralized web hosting industry and contributing to the Web3 ecosystem. We are incredibly proud to share that we have completed 12k+ transactions on Polygon, making our presence felt in their vast ecosystem. Keep an eye on this space for further information, and get involved if you want to make the internet a better place for future generations.

Team Spheron went one step ahead this time and, with a clear focus on engaging with the top names of the industry in real-time, organized another Twitter Spaces session with the much-admired Raghu Ram. He is the Co-Founder of Buidler's Tribe, and he spoke to our Co-Founder Prashant Maurya on the prospects of the web3 startups in India.

Another session on Twitter with the well-respected Co-Founder of Questbook was staged for our community to introduce the benefits of decentralizing user experience to them. Madhavan Malolan put on a great show as he talked about the incline in demand for a better user experience across the space.

We didn’t limit this initiative to Twitter & took our voice to Discord and invited Romain Caillet, the Global Community Manager of ever finance, to our server to help our community understand the power of Arweave and how everFinance is making DeFi accessible for everyone.

And last but by no means least, it was a pleasure to close the month with another Twitter Spaces session with Johnny Wu, the Community Manager of Namebase. It was an engaging experience as he talked about the future of web hosting and the vision for Namebase in 2022.

Making our presence felt


Web3 is all about building your community & engaging with the actual creators of this space. Spheron has a particular focus on finding & engaging with natural Web3 talent across platforms; hence we are making our presence felt in the top hack events of the industry. After sponsoring the EthIndia's ETHernals Hackathon on Devfolio, which ended in the last week of March, we showcased our support for the ethDUBAI hackathon this month.

Stay tuned as we gear up to sponsor more such events and engage with new talent and make it easy for them to enter the world of decentralization — more events are in the pipeline as we move towards the second quarter of this fantastic year for Spheron.


Our Co-Founder & CEO Prashant Maurya was in Dubai recently, where he connected with the top evangelists of the Web3 space and networked with like-minded projects who are making blockchain easily accessible for everyone, starting from our fellow developers who wish to focus on creating better user experiences than spending time on learning the complexities of the blockchain technology.

Are you a developer?

Spheron is currently looking for beta testers for our next upgrade, ready for release. So, if you are a developer, we would love to have you on board and help us improve. Here is the form that you can fill out so that we can assign you roles according to your expertise as we prepare to launch our upgraded web app with a new look and some powerful features to support your deployment journey.

Lots in store, so stay connected with Spheron as we move towards the next leg of our journey while staying focused on user growth and community engagement. We will reach 3000 users on our protocol and are all set to cross 700 projects soon. This is a remarkable achievement and indeed a testament to our hard work and determination to make decentralized and secure web hosting as frictionless as possible for developers with no extra coding in just a few clicks.


Have you used Spheron before?

We at spheron are putting together a series of user testimonials compilation on our social media handles and we'd love to have yours included.

Would you consider leaving a short quote about your deployment and user experience with Spheron Protocol in general? Or come over on a Zoom call/Google Meet and answer a few questions?

The short quote may revolve around the efficiency of the deployment process, Easy access to forking code from the repositories like Github, picking a protocol to deploy your site for example Arweave, Skynet, Filecoin, Pinata, and the efficiency of Spheron's deployment settings for the selected repository.!

This user review can help our team at Spheron to understand what has attracted the attention of our users and what works best for you. It can serve as an invaluable help to us from our user side.

Please fill out this form and we will reach out to you at your convenience.

What does Spheron do?

Spheron makes front-end web deployment easy, effective, and efficient through its blockchain-based platform that takes your web app to the DSNs (Decentralised Storage Networks). Spheron removes the hurdles of centralization and censorship through blockchain, ensuring that your web app is permanently deployed and experiences 99.99% uptime throughout its life.

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