Securing the Digital Frontier: Tableland Auth and Spheron's Compute Integration

Securing the Digital Frontier: Tableland Auth and Spheron's Compute Integration

In today's transformation of technology and the internet, concern over data security and privacy is also growing, it has become very necessary to implement robust authentication mechanisms in web and web3 applications. To address this challenge, the integration of Tableland's authentication with Spheron's computational prowess has created a solution that ensures maximum security while delivering fast and efficient performance.

This blog explores the use case of integrating the Tableland database system with a Node.js application hosted on Spheron Compute, enabling a seamless user registration and login process. Let's dive in!

Spheron Network

Spheron Network is a PaaS designed for startups, optimizing scalability and minimizing infrastructural costs to boost growth and profitability. Spheron simplifies the web hosting process, making it easy for developers to deploy their applications in just a matter of minutes. Spheron offers a suite of services that support blockchain applications, including hosting, storage, and computing services.

With Spheron's user-friendly interface and robust infrastructure, users can focus on developing great apps and dapps without worrying about the hassle of setting up and managing servers. Spheron Network takes care of the technical details so developers can concentrate on what matters most - creating innovative and successful web applications.


Tableland is an open-source, permissionless cloud database that is built on SQLite. It is designed to allow the reading and writing of tamper-proof data from apps, data pipelines, or Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contracts.

The Power of Integration: Tableland and Spheron Compute Simple Auth

Tableland-compute-simple-auth is an integration of technologies that combines the secure authentication of Tableland with the computational power of Spheron. This fusion of two distinct technologies offers an enhanced level of security combined with efficient performance.

By leveraging Spheron's computational resources, the authentication process becomes lightning-fast, ensuring a seamless user experience. Meanwhile, we have created Tableland's on-chain authentication using its on-chain table entry feature which provides an unparalleled level of security by storing sensitive user data immutably on the blockchain. This example serves as a testament to what can be achieved when two powerful technologies converge.

How does tableland-compute-simple-auth work?

Upon arrival, a new user can register, creating an entry in the Tableland tables database. The table, which receives the data, operates using the wallet defined by the PrivateKey in the .env file. This wallet facilitates data entry for new users and aids in reading data from the table during login. Furthermore, the Tableland database offers interoperability, allowing user database migration across different applications.

Why We Built This

1.Security and Privacy at the Forefront

In an era where data breaches and cyber threats have become commonplace, prioritizing the security and privacy of user data is non-negotiable. This collaboration was born out of the necessity to create a robust authentication system that could withstand the relentless challenges posed by the digital realm.

2.Meeting the Need for Speed and Efficiency

Beyond security, the need for speed and efficiency in handling user data has become a paramount concern. The integration of Spheron's computational prowess ensures that performance is not compromised, providing users with a seamless and efficient experience.

How to Use It

  1. Clone this repository: git clone

  2. Run npm install to install dependencies.

  3. Create a .env file in the backend directory and Add the following:

#RPC url endpoint, which will be used to fetch data from the blockchain

#The private key for the wallet, which handles the data entries into the table

4.If you don't already have a Spheron account, create one here.

5.Visit Spheron Compute docs and follow all the steps from STEP 3.

6.Attach a Domain/Subdomain to your instance, and you're set!

After setting up the environment, you can start using the service. The route definitions are as follows:

  • /: Registering a user to the database.

  • /login: Logging in a user.

How does tableland-compute-simple-auth work?

User Registration and Data Entry

Upon user registration, the system generates an entry in the Tableland tables database. The backend operates using a wallet defined by a private key, ensuring the security of data entries into the table. This wallet not only facilitates the seamless registration of new users but also aids in the retrieval of data during login.

Interoperability and Database Migration

One of the standout features of this collaboration is the Tableland database's interoperability. This means that user data can be migrated across different applications, offering a level of flexibility that is crucial in the dynamic digital landscape.

For example, a company can use the interoperability feature to migrate customer purchase history from its e-commerce application to its customer relationship management (CRM) system. This allows the sales team to access valuable insights into customer purchasing patterns, enabling them to tailor their marketing strategies and offer targeted promotions.

In this scenario, the Tableland database can serve as a central hub for user data. Each application can access and update the user data in the database as needed. This approach allows for data to be shared and updated across different applications, ensuring that all applications have the most up-to-date user data.

This feature eliminates the need for manual data entry or tedious import-export processes, streamlining operations and minimizing errors. By sharing data between applications, businesses can gain a unified view of their customers, enabling them to deliver personalized experiences and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Joining the Spheron Community

We encourage you to join our community for help, discussions, and any other queries you might have, and you can quickly find answers to the questions without sifting through endless search results on Google. Also, by joining the community, you will get all of the updates & announcements of Spheron Network infrastructure. Also can collaborate with other developers, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of the broader Web3 ecosystem.

Conclusion: A New Frontier in Data Security and Performance

In the face of escalating cyber threats and the growing need for efficient data handling, the fusion of Spheron and Tableland stands as a formidable solution. This collaboration sets a new standard for data security and performance optimization, showcasing the power of innovation when two cutting-edge technologies join forces. As we navigate the complexities of the digital era, the Spheron-Tableland fusion paves the way for a more secure and efficient future.