Transform Your NFT Projects with the Raffle Template

Transform Your NFT Projects with the Raffle Template

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the world by storm, revolutionizing the way we perceive digital ownership and value. As the NFT landscape continues to evolve, project owners seek innovative ways to showcase and promote their unique digital assets. One effective approach is hosting NFT raffles, which not only generate interest but also reward loyal supporters.

However, creating a raffle platform from scratch can be daunting, especially for those without extensive development experience. To address this challenge, we present a ready-to-use solution - a template for an NFT raffle platform built using React, IPFS, and smart contracts. In this article, we'll explore a real-world use case demonstrating the ease and efficiency of utilizing our template.

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What are NFT Raffles?

NFT raffles are like digital lotteries where people have a chance to win unique digital assets known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). To take part, you usually buy tickets or enter the raffle, and winners get picked randomly. People use these raffles for different reasons, like promoting their NFT collections, raising funds, or engaging with their community. Keep in mind that dealing with NFTs involves legal and financial stuff, so it's crucial to look into the rules and risks of any NFT raffle you join or organize.

The Motivation Behind Raffle Template

NFT raffles are an excellent way to distribute digital assets and engage with your audience, but they come with a set of challenges. Creating a secure, transparent, and user-friendly raffle platform from scratch can be a complex and time-consuming task. Fortunately, there's a solution that aims to make the process effortless: the Raffle Template.

Raffle Template: Revolutionizing NFT Raffles

Raffle Template is a simple NFT raffle application designed to streamline the process of hosting NFT raffles for various projects. This template provides a custom raffle smart contract and a user-friendly application to manage raffles. It allows the owner of the contract to put an NFT up for raffle, enables users to purchase raffle entries, and facilitates the random selection of a winner. The primary goal is to simplify the creation of NFT raffle platforms, making it easier for project owners to market their NFT projects.

The motivation behind this project is to eliminate the complexities associated with developing a raffle platform from scratch. By offering this template, we aim to empower anyone interested in starting a raffle for their NFT project. This template can serve as the foundation for creating more advanced raffle platforms, such as raffling multiple NFTs simultaneously or entire NFT collections.

Raffle Template Usage

For Raffle Organizers

Deploy the raffle contract on any blockchain of your choice using deployment tools like Hardhat, Remix, or Thirdweb.

  • Admin Dashboard: Access the admin dashboard, where you can initiate a raffle by providing the NFT address and token ID of the NFT you want to raffle off. As the contract owner, you automatically have access to the admin panel.

  • Ticket Price: Customize the ticket price for the raffle.

  • Withdraw Funds: After the raffle concludes, you can withdraw the funds collected from ticket sales.

  • Select Winner: Use the "Select Winner" button to randomly choose a winner from the raffle entries. This entire process occurs on the blockchain, ensuring transparency in the raffle.

  • Winner Rewards: The winner is automatically awarded the NFT to their address once selected by the owner.

For Raffle Participants

As a user interested in participating in the ongoing raffle, here's how you can get involved:

  • Access the Raffle Platform: Visit the raffle platform's website or application. You can typically find the platform's link or access point through the project's marketing materials or community channels.

  • Browse Ongoing Raffles: Once on the platform, you'll likely find a list of ongoing raffles or upcoming events. Browse through the available raffles and select the one you'd like to participate in.

  • Select the Raffle: Click on the raffle you're interested in to view more details, including the NFT that's up for grabs, the ticket price, and the remaining time until the raffle ends.

  • Confirmation: After purchasing your entry tickets, you should receive a confirmation that you're now part of the raffle. The platform may provide you with a unique ticket number for reference.

  • Wait for the Draw: Once you've entered the raffle, all that's left to do is wait for the draw. Keep an eye on the platform for updates on when the raffle will conclude and the winner will be chosen.

  • Winner Announcement: If you're the lucky winner, you'll receive the NFT prize automatically to your connected wallet. The platform will typically announce the winner, adding an element of excitement to the process.

  • Enjoy Your NFT: Congratulations! If you win, you can now enjoy your newly acquired NFT, whether it's a digital artwork, collectible, or any other type of non-fungible token.

Technical Aspects

Raffle Template utilizes several key technologies and concepts, including:

  • IPFS: Stands for InterPlanetary File System. It is used for uploading and sharing data in a decentralized and distributed manner.

  • ChakraUI: Chakra UI is a popular component library for building responsive and accessible user interfaces in React applications.

  • React App: A JavaScript library for building user interfaces. In this project, React is used to create the user interface for managing NFT raffles.

  • Smart Contracts: Self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller written directly into code. In this project, smart contracts are used to manage the raffle logic on the blockchain.

Setting Up Raffle Template Locally: A Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these simple steps to set up the client-side component locally on your machine.


Before you begin, make sure you have the following tools installed on your machine:

Step 1: Clone the Repository

Open your terminal and run the following command to clone the Raffle Template repository to your local machine:

git clone [repository_url]

Replace [repository_url] with the actual URL of the Raffle Template repository here:

Step 2: Navigate to the Cloned Folder

Change your current directory to the folder you just cloned. Use the cd command:

cd [cloned_folder]

Replace [cloned_folder] with the name of the folder created during the cloning process.

Step 3: Install Dependencies

Once you're inside the cloned folder, run the following command to install the project's dependencies:

npm install

This command will fetch and install all the necessary packages and libraries required to run the Raffle Template.

Step 4: Start the Client-Side Application

Now that you have everything set up, it's time to launch the Raffle Template. Run the following command:

npm run start

This will start the client-side application locally on your machine. Open your web browser and navigate to the provided local URL to access the Raffle Template.

Congratulations! You've successfully set up the Raffle Template on your machine. Feel free to explore the platform, initiate mock raffles, and experience the seamless user interface designed for both raffle organizers and participants.

Use Cases of the Raffle Template

The versatility of the Raffle Template makes it a valuable asset for various NFT projects. Here are a few use cases that demonstrate the template's potential:

  1. NFT Art Raffles: Artists and creators can leverage the Raffle Template to auction their digital art pieces as NFTs. By hosting raffles, artists can attract a larger audience, create excitement around their work, and provide more accessible opportunities for art enthusiasts to own their masterpieces.

  2. Gaming NFT Raffles: Gaming projects can utilize the Raffle Template to raffle exclusive in-game items, characters, or digital collectibles. This approach enhances user engagement, gamifies the experience, and encourages community participation in the project's evolution.

  3. Charity NFT Raffles: Projects with a philanthropic focus can employ the Raffle Template to organize raffles for charitable causes. By offering NFTs as prizes, organizers can raise funds for various initiatives while creating a positive impact within their community.

Joining the Spheron Community

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In conclusion, the development of NFT raffle platforms like Raffle Template opens up new avenues for leveraging blockchain technology in various sectors. By offering a user-friendly and transparent platform for hosting NFT raffles, platforms like this can enable creative marketing strategies, enhance user engagement, and foster a vibrant community around NFT projects.


  • Github Repository of the Use Case

  • Source of inspiration: Real-life lottery games

  • Tools used:

    • Spheron - For file storage and web hosting

    • Hardhat - smart contract testing and deployment

    • Thirdweb - easy-to-use SDK for interacting with the blockchain

    • React - framework to create the client side for the application

    • Chakra UI - UI Library for easy-to-use components