DAOs are the future of Web3

DAOs are the future of Web3

In recent years, DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) have become popular in the Web3 space. Many successful projects like Maker, Uniswap, Decentraland, Aave, and Ape Coin have adopted this model, where decision-making power is distributed among members rather than being controlled by a single entity.

Until now, DAOs have mainly been found in the Web3 space, but they're also gaining attention and adoption in other areas, especially as the market prepares for its next big growth phase.

DAOs can take various forms, including:

  1. Crowdfunding DAOs: These organizations pool funds to support projects, as seen with MolochDAO, which pools Ethereum funds for various Ethereum-based projects.

  2. Investment DAOs: These collectives, like The LAO, pool funds for investment in early-stage projects, particularly in the blockchain space.

  3. Artistic Collaboration DAOs: Examples include PleasrDAO, which acquires digital assets collectively.

  4. Charitable DAOs: Organizations like GitcoinDAO support public goods funding, such as open-source projects.

DeSci: The Future of Research Funding?

Currently, there are three major decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) projects focused on scientific research: VitaDAO (longevity), ValleyDAO (synthetic biology and climate change), and AthenaDAO (women's health). However, the idea of using blockchain technology to support research, also known as "DeSci," has been gaining traction even before an article in the prestigious scientific journal Nature brought attention to its potential.

In early 2023, PhD researcher and artist Sasha Shilina wrote a series of articles discussing how blockchain and DAOs can enhance scientific collaboration, streamline peer review processes, and allow for greater control over intellectual property.

Traditionally, scientific research has relied heavily on funding from large corporations, but DeSci offers a chance to revolutionize this model and grant scientists more independence in their work.

Using DAOs for Real-World Impact

In recent years, DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) have become increasingly popular for fundraising and creative projects. This trend started with UkraineDAO in 2022, which raised funds during the Russian invasion. Now, it's common to see DAOs supporting various crises, like Charity DAO helping with earthquakes.

Beyond fundraising, DAOs are being used for unique purposes. For instance, CityDAO is exploring decentralized ownership of real estate in Wyoming, while SailGP launched a DAO-owned sports team. Creative Vision is another example of using DAOs to fund horror movies and engage fans.

These DAOs offer opportunities for fans to be more involved in their interests, explore new avenues in Web3, and generate revenue for their passions.

The Future of Blockchain: A Renaissance for DAOs?

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are gaining popularity and could become the next big thing in the blockchain industry. Some people think that the sector is moving towards traditional finance and businesses using blockchain technology, which makes them wonder if the web3 startups will survive. However, DAOs could help by giving access to decentralized money, talent, and creativity and keeping liquids flowing.

Big companies and organizations that work together using blockchain technology might also use DAOs to make decisions, automatically divide up money, and raise funds.

Just like how DeFi became popular in 2020, and NFTs became famous the following year, We think DAOs and DePIN will become mainstream successful in a year or two.