Effortlessly Deploy Nodes Using Avail Node Deployer Bot on Telegram

Effortlessly Deploy Nodes Using Avail Node Deployer Bot on Telegram

Are you tired of going through a lengthy process to deploy a node? Well, we have good news for you! Now you can Deploy Avail Node directly by telegram.

Here is how you can get started :

1. To get started login to spheron. If you don’t already have a Spheron account, then sign up here

2. Click on settings on your profile and navigate to token from the left sidebar.

3. Click "Create Token" to create a new Access Token.

4. Add a token name; the type should be compute, and choose the organization and expiration.

5. Once your token is created, click on copy

6. Now head over to https://t.me/AvailNodeDeployerBot and click on start.

7. Once you click start, it will prompt you to paste your Spheron access token, paste it, and click send.

8. Once the access token is added, touch on /deploy to start the deployment.

9. Choose the preferred region and the node type; once you select it, it will prompt you to before the deployment. Click Yes.

10. The deployment progress will be reflected in the chat with the instance ID, similar to the screen.

11. You can check the deployment status by /status command and then enter the instance ID. It will reflect the deployment status and deployment URLs.

12. You can also check the deployment logs by /logs command and inputting the instance ID.

13. You can also stop the deployment by /close the command and inputting your instance ID.


Deploying a node using the Avail Node Deployer Bot on Telegram is a straightforward and efficient process that simplifies the deployment process compared to traditional methods. With just a few steps, users can quickly and easily deploy nodes without going through a lengthy process. This bot allows users to create and manage their nodes easily, making it an ideal solution for those who want to save time and effort when working with nodes.