Upcoming Binance listing: Top 5 performing cryptos to monitor in 2024

Upcoming Binance listing: Top 5 performing cryptos to monitor in 2024

Binance lists various new tokens to leverage trading volume, including meme coins like $MYRO, $WIF, DePIN projects such as $FIL, and potential listing

Binance is capitalizing on the bullish market trend in 2024 by incorporating many new tokens on its exchange. This strategic move enables the leading crypto exchange to leverage the escalated trading volume. Binance has listed many meme coins such as $MYRO and $WIF, launched DePIN projects like $FIL, and integrated digital asset management in gaming projects like $PORTAL.

With the listing spree in full swing, it is imperative to monitor the top-performing cryptocurrencies that have the potential to be listed on Binance.

1. Smog Token

Smog Token ($SMOG) ticks all the boxes Binance would look for in a potential listing opportunity. It boasts a massive community, an enormous trading volume, and a tremendous buzz behind it, making it one of the most talked-about projects in the industry. The upcoming airdrop event, touted as the biggest in Solana's history, is already generating a lot of excitement. To participate in the event, users must buy and hold $SMOG tokens and accumulate airdrop points. The project also runs a Zealy campaign, where users can earn more airdrop points by completing specific quests, such as joining the community discussion. With over a million quests already completed, it's evident that many people are eager to get their hands on this upcoming airdrop.

The team has set aside 35% of the tokens to facilitate the airdrop event. Considering the $300 market cap level, over $100 million will be distributed to $SMOG holders. The project's multi-chain presence on Ethereum and Solana makes it even more attractive. The best place to buy $SMOG is OTC through the project's website, which offers a 10% discount. Smog Token is worth considering if you're looking for a promising investment opportunity.

2. Sponge Token

Sponge Token ($SPONGE) is a project that has already achieved tremendous success in 2023 and is back in 2024 to replicate the same 100x ride it offered to its early adopters. Its presale in May 2023 made it a trending topic by providing 100x returns to traders who bought it. Sponge Token has announced its next incarnation through a powerful V2 upgrade, which is set to make the token bigger and better than ever before.

The project is implementing a unique stake-to-bridge utility for the upgrade, which requires users to lock $SPONGE V1 into a bridge to receive an equivalent of $SPONGE V2 following the upgrade. All $SPONGE V1 sent to the bridge will be permanently locked to facilitate the move to V2.

The team is introducing various new features after the upgrade, such as a fun and addictive play-to-earn arcade, to add more utility to the project. With listings on the top ten exchanges, $SPONGE is a strong contender for an upcoming Binance listing in the meme coin space. Overall, Sponge Token is a project that has already proved its worth and is poised to take the cryptocurrency market by storm once again.

3. Scotty, the AI

$SCOTTY is a must-watch cryptocurrency with an upcoming potential Binance listing. It stands out from other meme coins due to its unique AI integration, which provides valuable tools to the community. To establish itself as a trusted figure in the blockchain space, Scotty, the AI, is set to deliver a suite of AI-powered products that can significantly advance traders' perceptions of security, fraud detection, and risk mitigation.

Scotty Swap is one such product that offers seamless token swaps. Its AI integration ensures that every trade is optimized for maximum gains. Additionally, the DEX provides advanced trading features like limit orders, enabling traders to set orders beforehand.

Scotty Chat is another AI-powered product that provides in-depth market analysis and insights. It allows traders to remain alert and formulate industry trends and narratives.

4. Dogecoin20 ($DOGE20)

Dogecoin20 ($DOGE20) is undoubtedly among the hottest and most promising meme coins. It raised an incredible $2 million in just four hours after going live, proving the immense hype around it. Its ultimate goal is to upgrade Elon Musk's favorite meme coin, Dogecoin, and take it to a sustainable future by introducing the proof-of-stake mining algorithm. By staking their tokens and earning a passive income, $DOGE20 holders are incentivized to hold onto their tokens for the long term. The team has allocated 15% of the total $DOGE20 supply to reward staking over the next two years.

In addition, $DOGE20 is an anti-inflationary token with a limited 140 billion token supply, which eliminates Dogecoin's infinite inflation problem. With all these features, $DOGE20 is poised to become a leader in the Doge-related meme coin space and is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after potential listings on Binance.

5. Green Bitcoin

Green Bitcoin ($GBTC) is an absolute must-watch among cryptocurrencies! Industry experts predict that a Binance listing is imminent due to its unique supply dynamics, which could cause a significant supply shock on the open market and propel prices to new heights. Green Bitcoin's predict-to-earn ecosystem allows users to earn massive rewards based on their level of investment and accurate forecasts of Bitcoin's future price.

To be eligible to make a price forecast, users must stake their $GBTC tokens in the project's innovative gamified green staking ecosystem. This ecosystem's primary goal is to encourage blockchain activity rather than promote speculative trading of meme coins. Consequently, most of the $GBTC could be locked in the staking system, leading to a considerable supply shock in the market. This could increase prices for new investors purchasing $GBTC following its presale.

The best part is that you can easily purchase $GBTC on the project's website using $ETH, $USDT, or a credit/debit card. So, don't miss out on the opportunity to invest in this exceptional cryptocurrency!

When Does Binance Make New Listing Announcements?

It is important to note that all upcoming Binance listings are ONLY announced on the Binance website under the New Cryptocurrency Listing page. It is crucial to understand that Binance can only announce new listings. If you come across a project claiming to have been listed but not on the Binance listing page, it’s misinformation.

Furthermore, after analyzing the Binance listings page, it is evident that there are only a small handful of new additions every month. This makes it challenging to predict which coins will be listed on Binance next. Additionally, Binance is happy to list many project types, including trending meme coins and layer 2 protocols. For example, it has recently listed coins such as Dog Wif Hat and BOOK OF MEME, and protocols such as Starknet and Metis. Therefore, it is imperative to keep an eye on the Binance listing page to stay updated on the latest listings and avoid falling prey to fake news or false claims.

Should You Invest in New Upcoming Binance Listings?

Investing in upcoming Binance listings is a popular crypto trading strategy. Many crypto projects seek to be listed on Binance, the largest crypto exchange globally, as it provides immense exposure and liquidity. When Binance announces a new listing, it can lead to a significant price rally, making it an attractive opportunity for investors. However, it's essential to approach this strategy with caution and do your own research.

Why Are Binance Listings Important?

Binance has over 182 million users, making it the most widely used crypto exchange globally. Its large user base and high trading volumes provide a massive audience for crypto projects, increasing their visibility and potential for growth. Additionally, Binance's stamp of approval can give a project credibility and legitimacy, leading to increased investor confidence.

How to Find the Next Binance Listings?

The best way to find out about upcoming Binance listings is to watch the official Binance website. Listing announcements are made exclusively on the Binance website, so checking there directly is essential instead of relying on secondary sources. Be wary of false information from crypto projects trying to manipulate their prices. Always do your own research and due diligence before investing in any project.

The 'Binance Effect'

When Binance announces a new listing, it can lead to a significant price increase, known as the 'Binance Effect.' According to a study by Ren & Heinrich, the average price increase on the first day of the listing announcement is 41%, while the average increase within 30 days is 73%. However, not all listings result in growth, and some may have no impact. Timing is everything, and it's crucial to act quickly once a listing is announced to maximize gains.